ABT limited is a public Limited Company, Which is the parent organization of the leading industrial group 'SAKTHI' headed by the noted industrialist Dr.N.MAHALINGAM.
The company was incorporated in the year 1931 to deal in transport and automobile industry.

The company has the following divisions namely :

Parcel Service Division
Maruti Dealership Division
Auto Service Division
Passenger Service Division
Petrol Bunk Division

The company is managed by Sri.M.Manickam, the elder son of Dr.N.MAHALINGAM, who has done his MBA in USA. He is the director in-charge of the company, having experience in the automobile business and he is the Vice chairman and managing Director of Ms.Sakthi Sugars Limited.

Our Group of Companies:

w Sakthi Sugars Ltd.
w Sri Chamundeswari Sugars Ltd.
w Sakthi Finance Ltd.
w ABT Industries Ltd.
w Sakthi Textiles Ltd.
w Sri Bagavathi Textiles Ltd.
w Sakthi Soft Drinks Ltd.
w Chennai Bottling Co. Ltd.
w N.Mahalingam & Co.
w The Gounder & Co.
w Sakthi Automobiles.
w Anamallais Engineering.
w The Anamallais Retreading    Corporation.
w The Anamallais Retreading    Company.

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